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When I first met Kenneth, he was an ambitious runway model that also won a few international modeling contests. After a year of success within the fashion industry, I received another phone call asking for my assistance. He packed on some muscle, transitioned into the world of fitness and furthermore, he made me rethink my own lifestyle habits. I couldn’t believe this little guy came back in the studio looking like Captain America! He became a serious fitness model.

I only had one question, what the heck did you do? Kenneth turned to me and said “eat clean, drop the liquor, eat often, get enough sleep, and make time to workout.” During this time he also spent time practicing his modeling poses as you can see here. After the shoot I was left with one major thought. If I want to continue doing what I love, I’ll need to make time for my body and health. Shooting people like this will send you straight to the gym. Needless to say, I’m getting in way more veggies and water each day and making good use of my LA Fitness membership. Thanks Kenneth!

Stay strong.