Dwayne Moore: Creative Dir., Event Specialist & Visual Marketing

My mission is to profoundly impact lives by crafting transformative events where joy and inspiration converge, ensuring everyone experiences unforgettable moments.

Be Us: Date Night

Dive into ‘Be Us: Date Night’ at Rock Steady, ATL! Connect, dance, sip exclusive drinks, savor gourmet bites & revel in fun, May 4. Join us! Text “Date Night” 470-629-9150 for RSVP

Memorial Day WKND

All Shades of White Attire Rooftop Party

Fridays At Blue

Experience elegance with BLAQnificent’s Rosé on the Rooftop, April 14, 7-11pm. Savor spring, fine Rosé, & good vibes at Thompson Hotel.

Memorial Day WKND

All Shades of White Attire Rooftop Party

Retro R&B and Rare Grooves

Fridays at Blue Martini

Step into Dwayne Moore’s universe, where each event isn’t just planned—it’s passionately ignited with an extraordinary flair for memorable moments. Every gathering is transformed into a pulsating spectacle of luxury, innovation, and soul-stirring connections. Imagine events that don’t just happen but envelop you in a narrative of spectacular emotion, opulence, and unforgettable memories, where every detail is meticulously curated to elevate your spirit and ignite your senses.

With Dwayne, each occasion morphs into an electrifying symphony of style, substance, and sensational vibes, tailor-made for the elite who crave experiences laced with magic, meaning, and a touch of the audacious. His legendary portfolio is a crescendo of moments that marry the essence of grandeur with genuine emotion, orchestrating a realm where every facet is engineered to perfection, ensuring your journey is nothing short of transformative. Partner of Vangogh Afro Collective.