Dwayne Moore

Head of Creative

As a seasoned creative professional with 18 years of experience in the industry, I am constantly driven by my passion for art, consulting with clients, and bringing ideas to life through my work as a freelance all-around creative. From capturing stunning stills to designing engaging advertisements and directing commercials, my love for my craft is unwavering. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients, including creative teams, agencies, record labels, fashion designers, and cosmetic physicians. With each project, I am constantly challenged to think outside the box, stay abreast of the latest design trends, and hone my artistic eye, all while helping my clients reach new audiences and achieve their goals. The rush of bringing a vision to fruition is an unparalleled feeling and one that continues to fuel my passion for this industry.

Art is life

Art is life

New website, photography and video for the Panache Healing Home a cosmetic post-surgery recovery home

Logo Design, color palette, photography, videography and creative direction

New website, photography and video for Dezz of Mardigan Executive

Photography, videography and creative direction.

Photography and Graphic Design for Acting Natural

Photography, creative direction, and graphic design for billboards and album release.