Dwayne Moore Photography and Art. Visual art is an extension of who I am and what I’m experiencing. With each color I apply to an art piece or with every frame I set during a shoot, my objective is to reach far beyond my eyes perspective. Look deeper into the subject, into the canvas and bring forth more than a 2D piece of time. Creating is my passion and photography has become another language used to communicate to the observer. Being able to capture the beauty of life is something I will never take for granted, creating that distinctive frame that tells a surface story but has a deeper meaning.

I’m on a path towards better creations and I feel the change taking place within. Whether I’m working for a music label or a fashion campaign my goal is to allow the image to speak life and the message into the viewer. I take time out to study my craft and I surround myself with other artist that are reaching for more than the obvious. My schedule consists of traveling, shooting, designing, eating and sleeping. Art is my life and the drummer to my heartbeat. My minds eye is capable of imagining anything, therefore I’ll reside in that place where being creative is a natural birthright.